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Ah, yes, the glorious film industry in all of its prestige and glamour you know that it’s always going to be that way and it’s all about who can make the most occult symbolism in their film and who can make the most money with the biggest budget and do things with film that no one else has any idea how to make, and that’s what making movies is all about in a nutshell, but of course it is a lot more complicated than that. Making a movie is so complicated on so many different levels, but when it really comes down to it all filmmaking is pretty much is a camera capturing an actor doing something and that’s about it. If you can do something really unique that doesn’t cost any money but it’s just footage from a camera then you are actually a director, and the video you made is technically a movie.

But what this blog is about and this entire website for that matter is about the real movies that have come out to the general public and was in theaters everywhere throughout the year of 2015, and to tell the truth there were quite a lot of really great films that came out in 2015, and of course there were some movies that didn’t make as much money or didn’t do as well or just flat out sucked because for some reason the Hollywood studios will sink their money into movies that suck for some stupid reason which probably has something to do with the fact that Hollywood is a boy’s club and big time executives might be just trying to get some big time money for their friends and other creative people, but who really knows. This blog isn’t about the worst movies of 2015, although that would be pretty funny to write about, but it is about the very best movies that came out this past calendar year and for the most part every good film had its own style and uniqueness to it, but there was one movie that stood above everyone else in the year 2015, and this movie just so happened to be the most lucrative film in Hollywood history. That’s right, you probably already know what I’m talking about: Star Wars The Force Awakens was one of the best films of 2015 and had to make this list because I mean come on, it’s Star Wars and they’re like the coolest franchise film to ever do this thing in the first place, but this film was definitely a little different than the past Star Wars films, and that might have something to do with the fact that it was a Disney movie this time around.

Star Wars The Force Awakens is really different than the Phantom Menace or some of the even newer Star Wars films, and that’s partly because we now have some new cool characters that are just beginning a whole new saga of films, but we also got to see some of our favorite characters of all time with Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Lea. Everyone loves Chewbacca and R2D2 and C3PO of course, and these characters were definitely a refreshing sight to see on the big screen again, and it’s part of what makes this movie so much different and a lot better than the previous films that tried to talk about the prologue to the original films from the 1970s.
In terms of the plot of the Force Awakens you have to know that it actually is oddly very similar to the original Star Wars film although it is different it still has the same kind of scenes and bad guys, and the bad guy played by Adam Driver honestly doesn’t even seem like that bad of a guy although he is super bad and kills Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford, who just so happens to be his father! So you see it is like the old ones but it’s the opposite father and son relationship in which the father is the good guy and the son is the bad guy, which makes sense in today’s time I would say, at least compared to the 1970s.

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Hollywood Delivers Again

Of course Hollywood delivered again in the year 2015, and honestly it only seems like the big time studios like Paramount, Universal and Fox are only going to start sinking in more money into their films just so that they can make their movies that much more epic and more interesting to watch, but of course it’s a hit or miss industry and a lot of movies hit and a lot more than often movies flop and don’t make as much money as they are supposed to make. Movies typically are supposed to double the amount of money that it cost to make them, and that’s why people sink so much money into them because they are supposed to be really good investments for the studios, and sometimes they really are, but other times they are not. 2015 was a year that was filled with a lot of ups and downs in the industry and of course things are different for every movie and it really matters on what type of story you are trying to tell and if there is a big enough audience for that story line, and a lot of times these dark, adult situation stories don’t make a lot of money even though they may be good films they just can’t get enough people to sit down in a theater and pay money to see them.

But there is one film genre that tends to do really well all the time no matter what year it is, and that genre just so happens to be kid’s movies. Kids are always trying to go see movies with their parents, and for some reason parents are always spending money on getting their kids to theaters, and maybe it’s a great way to entertain their kids while they stay quiet for a couple hours and it could put them to sleep or whatever, it doesn’t really matter, because kids and their genre of movies are always really profitable, and there was one really awesome kids movie in 2015 that really put a staple as one of the best overall films of the entire year. I bet you already know which film I am talking about, and that’s probably because you saw this film because everyone did and it was fantastic. That’s right, you guessed it, I’m talking about Inside Out.

Inside Out was such a good kid’s movie, not only because it had great values and was an emotional roller coaster, but it brought everyone who watched the movie back to their childhood in some way or another and made everyone think about themselves on a deeper level, because if you think about it Inside Out is all about seeing the inside self of the main character through all the emotion characters, and that’s just such a good idea for a kid’s movie. When I was a young 90s kid I really like the movie called Osmosis Jones, which starred Bill Murray and Chris Rock and was really hilarious about the white blood cell whose a cop in a city that is the inside of the main character, but Inside Out is definitely a little bit more oriented for the kids and isn’t so violent as Osmosis Jones is, but Inside Out is still definitely a great movie that helps kids learn about themselves and really captures everyone’s imaginations.

You really just have to consider what watching a movie like Inside Out is like for little kids, and if you like Disney and other little kids movies as an adult you can just imagine how much little kids fell in love with Joy and the other characters in Inside Out, and it really was just put so well together and is a great, uplifting story that makes people feel good on the inside by the end of the movie, but it also helps put all of our mood swings that we have into perspective and makes it a funny moment in the film.

I really liked Inside Out and I wish more kid’s movies were made like this so that we the adults can enjoy taking our kids to see rated G films more often, because when it comes down to it films like Inside Out will go down in the history of film as kid’s classics and that’s really cool that this film just came out last year and hit the record books for animated films.

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The Movies at the Box Office

In terms of the state of Hollywood some people would say Hollywood is doing horrible and is definitely on a slippery slope with less and less people going to the movies and paying at the box office, while other people may see it the exact opposite way and say there are so many other ways besides the box office for movies to be seen in all different places and now people can now be paying for a movie from the confines of their own home and they are just as happy and the movie can actually be seen by more people to a certain extent. It’s definitely hard to know whether or not the internet and other restrictions on box office sales are going to really change Hollywood and especially the type of movies that studios are going to finance in the future, but of course there are going to be more and more independent films coming up in the future because making a movie has now become a lot cheaper than it used to be a long time ago back in the day when everyone was shooting on film one film at a time.

Of course this past year featured a lot of interesting films that made a big splash in the entire world’s culture, and of course this was just like any other year where the major Hollywood studios completely dominated the industry and took all the money because they are the only people who really has the money to be able to afford the big time celebrity actors that make people want to watch a film and they just pretty much have an oligarchy over the entire industry. But 2015 was still a pretty decent year with a lot of great films that sprouted up at random times throughout the entire year, and if you are the type of person who likes going to the movies and watches a lot of what’s recently coming out at the theaters or however you may watch films then you have found yourself in a cool little spot on the internet because this entire website is all about what films I think were the best, and not so much be the best films in the past year of 2015. We’ve talked about a lot of different films that I found to be really good so far, but the next film we’re going to talk about is a film that I thought was really good and did a good job getting an emotional response, but was still a film that needed some improvements and could have been better. The film I’m talking about is Foxcatcher and it’s a movie that featured Steve Carell and Channing Tatum in a movie that is all about wrestling. Yes, I said it, Steve Carell is in a wrestling movie and his role is honestly one of the weirdest roles that I think the Office star will ever perform in his entire career.  

First of all if we’re going to talk about Carell’s performance, it was unbelievably great, and it definitely proved that he is a much more versatile actor than a lot of people may have thought because this isn’t necessarily a humorous role that he is playing, and in fact he is definitely the bad guy who takes in a desperate wrestler who’s trying to make it big again (Channing Tatum) and really screws up his entire life in a big way. It’s definitely a weird storyline to say the least, but at least everyone who went into this movie knew what they were getting themselves into beforehand so they definitely knew they were going to make a movie that was really awkward and strange to watch, and that’s exactly what it is.

I couldn’t help but feel really strange and uncomfortable while watching Foxcatcher, and I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that at all because that was the entire vibe of the whole film from beginning to the very ending of this long and drawn out plot that took way too long and didn’t even have the cool of a climax in the ending. Of course Carell’s performance was pretty stellar throughout the entire movie, but his character is just so weird and strange that it is hard to not notice that it’s Steve Carell trying to be dramatic as opposed to his normal humorous characters.

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Hollywood Studios

There are a lot of great movies that have come out in recent years and there are a lot on the way coming from the Hollywood studios, and that’s really just part of the machine that is Hollywood, and it is definitely a very lucrative business to say the least when you can get a super profitable film. What’s interesting though is that for the most part the more profitable films aren’t necessarily the best films that come out, and although most films that win awards are lucrative and do really well in the box office, it is typically the huge action packed thrillers that get the most money out of ticket sales, but those movies are rarely the winners at the Oscars, the Golden Globes or any other major Hollywood award ceremonies. This is typically because when it comes down to it the Academy and other critics aren’t looking for the action packed scenes to make a good movie, they’re looking more towards the overall plot and the character development of the main people oriented around the plot’s central conflict. Of course screenwriting is a very interesting craft that a lot of people try and fail miserably at, and that’s partly because a lot of times people don’t understand that there are all these reoccurring themes and smaller details that make a screenplay profitable and able to be made into a studio green lit feature film. So the truth of the matter is that it’s the stories and films that don’t necessarily make all of the most money that actually are the best movies, and maybe that’s because the majority of people don’t have good film taste, but those who do have good film taste know good films, and that’s what is most important.


So if you find yourself to be one of those people who just so happens to be film intuitive and has a great style in filmmaking then you have found yourself in the right place on the internet because this entire website is dedicated to blogging about the best films that were made in the past year of 2015 and reviewing these films intricately enough so that you can have a better understanding of the film the next time you are chumming around with a famous actor of someone in the business, and that can be seriously important so listen up and make sure you get all the information you need to get your next gig or maybe even get your film idea green lit and let your dreams come into fruition.


The next film that has made the list of the best films of 2015 is Inherent Vice and this movie really is something that most people don’t really go out and seek in terms of going to the theaters to see, but it definitely has the story line, the cast and the overall humorous plot that makes for a great film that will end of being a classic or a timeless movie, and what’s funny is that most people didn’t even realize that a classic comedy happened right in front of them even though they watched it. Inherent Vice is definitely a really confusing film, so I definitely don’t recommend smoking any pot before you watch it, but once you’re about ten minutes in you should definitely smoke a little weed because you are going to see Joaquin Phoenix go bowl after bowl and be the biggest hippy you’ve ever seen in any movie ever.


Phoenix does such a good job playing Larry “Doc” Sportello who just so happens to be a goofball of a private investigator in Los Angeles during the 1970s, and although he definitely loves doing drugs he somehow has the ability to keep his life barely in tact and keep the plot going in a funny way. The drug use is definitely explicit in Inherent Vice, and it just makes the movie that much better as it makes you the audience have a unique response to seeing heroin and cocaine being snorted on a big table right in front of you.


But Inherent Vice is definitely a good movie that is worth checking out if you have the time, and it’s just a great story about a private investigator like so many other films, but this one is different because our favorite PI is a drug addict.








jared letoOf course we all know that Hollywood is a well greased machine of actors, filmmakers and marketing specialists who have made the film industry completely what they want it to be, and it’s funny to think that almost every film that comes out and becomes popular amongst the general public came from one of five or six major film studios who pretty much control all the film art that has ever been distributed in the history of the art form. It’s crazy to think sometimes, but alas it is the reality that we live in today in terms of the film industry, but that still doesn’t mean that filmmaking has suffered in any way because of that and still today in the past year of 2015 we saw a bunch of different very impactful films that changed lives and made a big difference for people all around the world.

Of course even some of the very best films of 2015 didn’t make much of a difference with their audiences but that is mostly the case with a lot of major studio films, but there still were a few select films that broke boundaries and did something very special even for today in 2015.

One of those films that made huge difference around the world was a story about racism back in the mid 20th century United States, and because it was a story about such a controversial topic and is historically factual it really resonated with people young and old, especially Americans. The movie that we are talking about is titled Selma, and it’s the story about Martin Luther King and the historic drama of the events during the 1965 civil rights movement in Selma, Alabama. Obviously back then there were a lot of high tensions between black people and white people that a lot of younger people don’t really understand because they weren’t alive to witness it, but in Selma we are taken back into a whole different world that still is our American country just half a century ago, which is what makes this drama so intense and chilling. It’s still hard to believe that racism was so prevalent in a country like the United States in 1965, but in Alabama it sure was and during the civil rights movement we started to see black people rise up against the tyranny of oppressive white men and start to ask for the rights that they duly deserved.

The story is about a cultural revolution among the people of Selma, and it is really cool that there is a character that is Martin Luther King in the storyline of the movie because there haven’t been that many really great movies that help depict the bravery and life success of Martin Luther King, but Selma does an unbelievable job at reliving those historic moments when the city of Selma, Alabama became a war zone and it was another civil war against black and white Americans.

What’s so good about this movie is that it really does a good job at putting you in the action and making you feel like you are backing 1965, except of course you’re not but it still gives a really good depiction of the times, even though it can be rather excessive. What’s also so special about how this movie came out in 2015 is that we are starting to see this same kind of violence re-emerge around the country in places like Ferguson, Missouri where black people are rioting due to police brutality and injustice amongst white people and their authority. It’s crazy that this fight is still going on between black people in the United States, and it’s sad to see this happening, but it makes a movie like Selma that much more powerful today in our culture. When people see this movie that may want to make them want to revolt in their own communities today in 2015, and for the most part this was kind of what happened earlier this year around the world.

Black people everywhere are sick of the injustice that has been put upon them for not apparent reason other than their skin tone, and films like Selma expose this injustice and start a conversation that good art does, and that’s part of what makes this movie so special.golden globes


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Reviews of the best movies of 2015

No matter what year it is in the history of filmmaking there are going to be a lot of great films that come out of Hollywood or some other parts of the world that are great forms of art and that change our perceptions of the world. This is the biggest part of the filmmaking process and what making movies is all about: to make a difference and to say something worthwhile. We all know that when we go to the movies we don’t always come away a different person, and many times we walk away rather disappointed because some trailers or some large name actor or actress got your hopes up for something spectacular and then came up drastically short and you walk out of the theatre disappointed at yourself for spending so much time and money towards a film that completely sucked.

But of course a lot of movies that you’ll see in the theaters made it into the theaters in the first place because they were good stories that were worth sharing to the general public, and that’s why they got in front of your eyeballs and caught your attention through their copious amounts of marketing schemes that seem to perpetuate your life at every hour of the day when a movie is about to be released, but rest assured this blog is not about bashing all the movies on this list of the best movies of 2015, and some of these films will be praised because they deserve to be praised, while some of course weren’t so good and I’ll probably rough them up just a little bit because that’s how I am as a critic and I just like to be that way because all critics are this way and it’s kind of fun to have a small power trip over my own prestige in a blog that no one will read, but it doesn’t matter because these films of 2015 were good and that’s why they are on my list and that’s why I’m going to talk about them.

So if you are in the film business and all of a sudden you come across this blog and see writing about a film you were a part of then you should know that you made it to the big time because really and I mean really, only the best films of 2015 will make it into this blog, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I liked all of the best films of 2015, and you will shortly find out which ones I like and the ones that I didn’t like.

The first movie that we are going to talk about is arguably the very best film that came out of 2015 and it will be remembered for many years to come for the unbelievable use of cinematography that puts this film on a whole shelf of its own. We are talking about the movie called Birdman, which was directed by Alejandro G. Inarritu, and this really is one of the best films of the year because it was a true masterpiece of the art of filmmaking, and I’ll get into just what I like about it.

Not only is Birdman a good story in general about actors, which is kind of cool, it’s a story that relates to a lot of people in their own respective careers who did something earlier on in life and are living in the past, and maybe with a mental disorder. Of course the lead role played by Michael Keaton is definitely the type of character who is really scary and strange, but it’s important to know that he does in a strange way represent a lot of us. That’s because we all have our own problems that we live with inside our minds, whether we are insane or not, but we all have to live with the Birdman inside our minds.

But of course the fact that Birdman’s scenes are primarily shot with one shot or take it just shows how amazing the acting is in this story, because no other movie really has done anything like this and that makes Birdman revolutionary to the point that it really feels like you’re getting almost the whole movie in one take.



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